Books reviewed

Orson Scott CardEmpire62007-12-092007-12-092008-01-02
Philip K. DickFlow My Tears, the Policeman Said62007-12-232008-01-022008-01-02
George R. R. MartinThe Armageddon Rag72007-12-062007-12-092008-01-02
Andy McNabRecoil82007-12-182008-01-022008-01-03
Charles Pellegrino and George ZebrowskiThe Killing Star62007-12-122007-12-282008-01-02
Terry PratchettMaking Money62007-11-102007-11-112008-01-08

Books pending review

AuthorTitleStatusTentative Rating
Philip K. DickThe Transmigration of Timothy ArcherFinished reading 2007-12-317/10
C. J. CherryhForeignerRead in 2006/20077/10
C. J. CherryhInvaderRead in 2006/20077/10
C. J. CherryhInheritorRead in 20078/10
C. J. CherryhPrecursorFinished reading 2008-01-048/10 - 9/10
C. J. CherryhDefenderFinished reading 2008-01-068/10 - 9/10
C. J. CherryhExplorerFinished reading 2008-01-098/10 - 9/10
Philip K. DickThe Divine InvasionFinished reading 2008-01-15
C. J. CherryhDestroyerFinished reading 2008-01-288/10 - 9/10
C. J. CherryhPretenderFinished reading 2008-01-318/10
Douglas CouplandJPodFinished reading 2008-02-13
C. J. CherryhDelivererFinished reading 2008-02-21
Stephen R. LawheadThe Celtic Crusades - The Mystic Rose
Stephen R. LawheadThe Celtic Crusades - The Black Rood
Stephen R. LawheadThe Celtic Crusades - The Iron Lance
J. R. R. TolkienThe Children of Húrin


The review style is inspired by and blatantly borrowed from Russ Allbery's excellent book reviews. You'll find many more reviews at his website. This does not mean that our opinions will be similar, or that we even have a similar review content.

Even though I've read at least a three-digit number of books, I just started writing down my thoughts in the form of a review in the autumn of 2007. When possible, I'll also go back to books I've read earlier and state my opinion about these.

Book information
Like Russ, I start each review with some information about the book. The ISBN refers to the version I've read, and in case it's a single volume collection of several books (e.g. The Book of Taltos), I'll use that collection's ISBN. The page count, if included, is the actual number of story pages rounded to the nearest ten, including chapter headings et al, but not blurbs, advertisements, previews of other books, and so on.
Minimum rating is 0, maximum is 10. A score below 5 indicates a waste of time. Most of the books I review will likely not be a waste of time, so the scale may seem a bit skewed.
Tentative Rating
Essentially the same as the rating for books that I've finished reviewing, but just a first impression.
Self-explanatory, I hope.

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Jan Ingvoldstad