Internet Relay Chat

IRC is a true addiction; people from all over the world gather on IRC to talk about nothing, anything and everything. Ultimo 1994, there were 6000 simultaneous users during "rush" hours, averaging at around 3-4000. Now there are tens of thousands of users, some of them "real" users, many "bots". I guess IRC lost most of it's charm before we entered 1995.

I started out with IRC primo September, but I wasn't a part of the _commercial_ rush of September people out there. I think I almost can claim to be of August, since that's when I got started on the Internet. I used to spend a lot of time on IRC (not active all the time, but...) - up to 12 days 11 hours in a month (November '93); 299 hours.

Some things are very popular (this can be discussed) on IRC, they've "always" been: Bots.

Scripts you want to autoload should go into the "~/irc/script" directory. This is how it works under Unix, at least. I've collected a few sample scripts, in addition to my .ircrc.

If you should log in on IRC sometime, and want to get in touch with me, my nicks are:

(has nothing to do with Metallica)
(the name of a particularly popular wooden doll)
Jan Ingvoldstad