Mythology - Greek, Norse and Modern

This page was down for a year and a half. I reckon that a lot of people must have noticed, for in the following year, I got lots and lots of error messages from the web server about people attempting to access this rather unavailable document. So I decided that I was tired of the error messages, and dug up an old backup with the stuff on. Five out of seven links were outdated, one was gone permanently, another had been moved twice. Urgh.

The morale is: Don't trust the search engines!

Whoa! Greece strikes with something of their own!
Swedish stuff
Modern (or "New Myth" if you like)
Science fiction, unless you already have guessed.
Dominic Sagolla (I really don't know the guy) has something on it.
This is scary! I actually have a link to some New Age stuff here!
Aeon - A Journal of Myth and Science

And perhaps you're interested in some Mythology Art?

Jan Ingvoldstad